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Who is going to win xfactor 2009??

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Post  Admin on Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:16 am

Break Away - Tuesday 24th November 2009
(click the spoiler to view)
Penny wants to show Elliot that she can be trusted with sensitive patient issues, but in doing so she becomes over-involved in Scott's case.

When Jac has to deal with a very complicated patient, her attitude towards Oliver softens and she ends up realising they make a good team.

On Holly's first day, Donna's attempt at friendly initiation backfires when she asks too many questions about her relationship with Linden.

'And That's What Really Hurts' - Tuesday 1st December 2009

Joseph tries to convince the police and Vanessa that potassium killed Archie, as the medical drama continues. But Elliot loses confidence in Joseph's professionalism when he realises Joseph's shortcomings as a consultant.

Elsewhere, Judith uses a new approach to spreading the message of infection control as a way of building bridges with Chrissie, but ends up creating an even bigger rift.

Oliver, meanwhile, is desperate to complete an assessment but, when he sees Daisha needs a friend, he passes up his chance to finish it.

'Now We Are Lonely' - Tuesday 8th December 2009

Joseph tries to focus on work rather than Faye's suspension, but when he suggests Lauren's slapdash nursing is responsible for Archie's death, he is accused of bullying and threatened with suspension by Vanessa.

When Joseph explains his theory that Archie died after being given potassium, it becomes clear that Lauren may actually be the cause of Archie's death.

Michael is determined to keep his 'Holby Vision' on track, but Vanessa lets him down by hiring a locum untrained in robotic surgery. Michael ends up losing the Robotics suite and also his faith in Vanessa.

Penny wants to shine on AAU, but gets sidelined when Scott is readmitted and diverts her attention. Meanwhile, Judith and Mark are getting on very well.

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